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Illusion City
- 幻影都市 -
Complete Japanese to English translation for MSX Turbo-R by 232 (translation, research, beta testing), Max Iwamoto (reverse engineering, coding, GFX, fonts, re-design, beta testing), Vampier (proofing, beta testing)
Current Status: Complete game fully playable! Doing internal beta testing...
You can view announcement trailer below...

You can view complete Intro Demo below...

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Now you can play up to the end...



[ General ]

  • Full translation of all the texts on all 8 disks (Intro, Main Game, and End Demo/Credits).
  • Translated an alternative version of Illusion City where few scripts and map data are different from most common version (Disk 2 and Disk 8).
  • Translation of manual for back story, more details and better translations of items, weapons, magics etc.
  • Decompiled all 151 Event (EVT) scripts and 4 Scene (SCN) scripts with the ability to compile them back into the game.
  • Re-created in-game compressor to be able to alter GFX and data and compress it back into the game.
  • Created new special dual compression for the script files in order to fit them in the same space or less as the original game. All scripts unpacking as they print on the screen.
  • Translated graphics where it was required.
  • Dumped scripts from the PC98 version of the game to enrich MSX texts.
  • Translation working on 256KB or 512KB Turbo-R as the original game.
  • MIDI Music fully working for both Turbo-R 256KB (with MuPack) and 512KB.
  • Added newer version 1.02 of ARMI.COM from MSX Fan 14 to the DISK 1 and translated it. You can play RCP midi files with it.
  • Added a translated version of ARMI.DOC for ARMI.COM 1.02 to DISK 1.
  • Fixed the issue when MIDI initialization would crash if the data buffer was not empty before loading the data.
  • Many improvements to the game to remove some small flaws.

    [ Intro ]

  • Altered texts and graphics appearance to make it better for English texts.
  • Added space to the "ILLUSION CITY" logo and re-synchronized with the lightning animation.
  • Added English text to the game logo (similar to the game box art).
  • Fixed hotel name GFX from "Horizn" to "Horizon" on the billboard.
  • Added palette pulsing to the title screen.
  • Created a variety of fonts for all intro screens.
  • Added black contour for the texts that overlap pictures.

    [ Main Game ]

  • Completely re-wrote in-game print subroutines with support of new lowercase variable width font.
  • Moved all printing from characters to pixel-based.
  • Added ability to auto-center texts, shift texts, and more.
  • Added automatic color changing to characters' names during text conversations.
  • Added multi-color texts during battles.
  • Speed up print by eliminating VRAM buffer. Text printing directly from RAM to screen.
  • Optimized and improved menu bar code (line drawing) and visual appearance.
  • Adjusted in-game windows to accommodate bigger English texts.
  • Adjusted dimensions of menus to fit English texts nicely.
  • Added ability to the game to automatically select window size based on the amount of text to be printed (for menu selection window).
  • Added ability to store longer names of items/weapons/magic/etc.
  • Fixed Scene (SCN) script on disks 5/6/7. Added events texts that were missing.
  • Created a new way of displaying magics in menus.
  • Improved texts on menu buttons of the main game screen.
  • Extended size of the battle menu to fit bigger texts and menu options.
  • Re-coded magic menu to have one menu line instead of three. This is done to fit full English magic names.
  • Added gender-correct messages when he/she cannot use magic.
  • Translated original in-game [debug menu].
  • Fixed major issue with magic when you can use "disabled" (blue) magics during Boss fight.
  • Corrected the bullet type for the Thompson submachine gun so it uses the same bullets as in real life.
  • Text delay during battles and other optimisations to improve readability and playability

    [ End Demo | Credits ]

  • Completely re-wrote End Demo and Credits print subroutines with the support of three new fonts.
  • Re-synchronized End Demo for the English texts to match animations and music.
  • Added English text to the game logo (similar to the game box art).
  • Additional research on the game staff to add full names to the Credits.



    Illusion City Intro Demo - Japanese Illusion City Intro Demo - English
    Illusion City logo Japanese Illusion City logo English
    Illusion Game - Japanese Illusion Game - English
    IC Load Menu Japanese IC Load Menu English
    IC Load Location JAP IC Load Location ENG
    Doc's Store Doc's Store
    Doc's Store Doc's Store
    Doc's Store Doc's Store

    Now you can play up to the end...


    Illusion City - Main Characters


    Tian Ren

    Mei Hong

    Hou Mei

    Xiao Mei

    Lao Shi






    Nan Tian Lee


    Illusion City - Progress Report

  • DEC.12.2023 - Remove multiple SCN script from the disks and left only one (similar that was done on PC98 version). Makes it easier to update the scripts.

  • DEC.10.2023 - Added missing message on DISK 3 SCN script (that's present on DISK 2 and 6 SCN scripts)

  • NOV.25.2023 - Completed full dissasmbly of data for EVT texts. Now data can be relocated as well so script editing is possible.

  • NOV.23.2023 - Completed new script dumper for SCN scripts, so data re-allocation is possible. Now using DISK 1 SCN script from newer version of Illusion City. It fixes issues with some story branching. And editing of SCN scripts is possible now. Adding some new events to feel the conversational gaps from original game.

  • OCT.27.2023 - Fixed issue with BGM music names. Completed (FM)PAC routines to make sure other games data like XAK, XAK II, Gazzel & Fray will not be overwritten.

  • OCT.24.2023 - Fixed bug with player being able to use "blue" magics during boss battles. Made a separate fix for Japanese version as well.

  • OCT.17.2023 - Completed moving texts pointers and decoded all texs data. Now we can fix issues with bullets for Thomson gun and some magics.

  • SEP.20.2023 - Started moving game text pointers to normal patching and slowly removing "AI" pointers patching (to eliminate few errors that were there).

  • SEP.19.2023 - Fixed issue with "SCN" scripts on DISK 3/4/5 as 5 story points were missing from the scripts (used texts from same story points on DISKs 2/6/7/8).

  • SEP.18.2023 - Fixed issue when printing pre-generated text and it would not fit into text box.

  • AUG.24.2023 - Completed inserting translated scripts on DISK 8. So, technically, all game texts has been translated now!

  • AUG.22.2023 - Completed inserting translated scripts on DISK 7.

  • AUG.07.2023 - Started inserting translated scripts on DISK 6.


  • MAY.19.2023 - Updated and polished some stuff in the Intro.


  • JAN.23.2023 - Final? version of the End Demo is completed.

  • JAN.09.2023 - After many months of code analyzing I am starting on coding the main game text subroutines.

  • DEC.27.2022 - Second version of the game End Demo is ready. Completed End Game Credits as well.

  • DEC.22.2022 - Completed first version of the game End Demo.


  • MAY.31.2022 - Starting research on the game code.

  • MAY.31.2022 - New and final? version of Intro translation is ready.

  • MAY.23.2022 - All SCN scripts are dumped and can be edited and compiled back to the game. Made a tool to check if data is the same after compiling.

  • MAY.22.2022 - Dumped final version of all EVT scripts that will be used in 1st English version.

  • MAY.17.2022 - Realized that game using "old" SCN scripts for in-game conversations. Working on to dump them as well.

  • APR.28.2022 - Improved Intro translation.

  • APR.27.2022 - Completed all EVT script dumper. All 151 scripts are ready to be transated...

  • APR.26.2022 - 1st version of fully translated Illusion City Intro is ready. It was faster than we expected...

  • APR.25.2022 - Found out that game has 151 scripts on 7 disks. Using the new approach to dump all script automatically with ability to compress them back into the game with English texts (so texts can be freely edited).

  • APR.16.2022 - Re-created in-game de-compressor. Now it is possible to dump, edit and re-compress the game GFX.

  • APR.14.2022 - Dumped all intro data.

  • MAR.26.2022 - Nijmegen 2022 Fair completed. Few people mentioned that would be great to have full translated version of Illusion City. We decided to expirement a little (not like we don't have few projects on the go already :)...

    Also available for these systems:

    NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-9801, Sharp X68000, FM Towns, Sega Mega-CD