MSX Translations, File Archive and more...

 MSX Translations presence at Nijmegen


MSX Translations will show current and older translation projects. Projects that will be shown are:

Last Armageddon
La Valeur (Max Iwamoto and Wyrdwad)
Fray Turbo R
Codename Recon Nostalgia: more information at Nijmegen

Of course we will be showing older projects as well.

Eggerland 2 remake patch

Aside from translations we are currently working on an remake patch of Eggerland 2. A level editor, new levels and much more.
Get a first impression in the video below

The first preview for Eggerland: the Ultimate Edition...

MSX Level and Editor contest (MSX-LE)

We are also promoting the MSX Level and Editor contest (MSX-LE). At the fair you can see or play current entries.
You can even make some new levels on the fair.
So come by, get some more information or even play and create some levels!