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- ブリスク -
Brisk ブリスク       
User levels for Brisk.
How to use the editor:
Cursors : move
SELECT : toggle right part of the screen for building elements
SHIFT + cursors: move betweeen building elements to select them
SHIFT + SPACE : needed to select elements that aren't set on the map, like save, load, time etc.
SPACE : place an element
DEL : remove an element
F1 : pick the building element the cursor is on in the level to be the active element
F2 : Mark the current screen
F3 : Copy the marked screen to the current screen. Current screen will be overwritten!
F4 : Delete a building element
CLR HOME : Clears the entire screen
0-9 : Change level in the level set. A file contains 10 levels.

To overwrite a position you first need to delete what was previously there.
When placing conveyor belts it will point to the position you last pointed to.
The ? blok can be placed over a wall or an empty block.
When Brisky walks over that spot he can walk on or gets blocked depending on your choice.
Moving blocks can be placed over various building elements so you can hide them.
If you give a level 0 seconds to complete, there is no time limit.
A level can only have 4 enemies.


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brisk_tessa1.dsk MCCM 10/06/2021 10 levels
brisk_bifi.dsk BiFi 5/31/2019 20 levels
Brisk PTTR3 PTTR3 5/31/2019 20 levels
Brisk 2 (no download) MCCM CD 5/31/2019 A full new version of Brisk with 100 new levels and some fixes was released on the MCCM CD
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