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Great Strategy 2 Campaign Version
- Daisenryaku 2 キャンペーン版大戦略II -
Great Strategy 2 Campaign version a.k.a. Daisenryaku 2 a.k.a. キャンペーン版大戦略II     
User levels for Great Strategy 2 Campaign version.
New levels are listed in MSX Magazine 1992-7 page 30, 1992-8 page 11, 1992-11 page 11, 1992-12 page 15 and 111, 1993-3 page 10, 1993-4 page 4, 1993-6 page 4. Levels for Great Strategy 2 are on a 64x64 hex grid like Master of Monsters and Super Daisenryaku, so theoretically these levels could be converted for Great Strategy 2.


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Daisenryaku II Customer Kit.dsk Microcabin 6/20/2020 Editor
On Futuredisk 23 you can also find an editor for Daisenryaku 2. You can download it from over here.

MSX Fan 10 has a unit database with descriptions and pictures. MSX Fan 12 has a unit editor for Daisenryaku 2 AND 3 new maps. There is also a Daisenryaku 2 Map collection.
Also available for these systems:

PC 88, PC 98, Sharp X68000, Turbo Graphix

Perhaps user levels for these versions can be ported to MSX.