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- Yoshida Kensetsu 吉田建設 -
- shooting game construction tool Yoshida Kensetsu 吉田建設 -
Yoshida Construction a.k.a. Yoshida Kensetsu Shoot'em up game editor     
Shoot'em up Game editor and engine for MSX2/ MSX2+ for horizontal levels.
Games made with Yoshida Construction a.k.a. Yoshida Kensetsu


Created by/ source



No download: Super Zelixer MSX Magazine No Sample game with Yoshida Construction | Yoshida Kensetsu
Converters for Dante 1 and Yoshida Kensetsu MSX Magazine Yes (on the same disk image) Listings from MSX Magazine to convert Dot Designer Club or Graph Saurus pictures to be used in Dante and Yoshida Kensetsu
Super Zelixer 2 ? No --
Super Zelixer 3 ? No Appears to be a buggy version of Super Zelixer with a continuous level
Gradius III Legends Imanok No Download it on: Imanok's website
MIA: Holiday Rantamira No A nice video of this game; game is not finished/ no download.
Mifia - The Black Tears - Kenjii No --
Blue Rays ? No --
Space Warrior I ? No --
Space Warrior II ? No --
Super Zeologue Miwa No --
Tensetsu 3 ? No --
The Wig ? No --
No download: Twinkle Star H. Nogami No --
MIA: Demon War Chronicles Tenma Senki 天魔戦記 世古隆行 No --
MIA: Metal Moon 関 貞策 No --
MIA: D.I.A. Hawks 沼田晴子 No --
MIA: Batraitur 田中周幸 No --
MIA: Sprite 松本 淳 No --
MIA: Master 28 達人28号 原中 陽 No --
MIA: Sparrows 佐藤幸― No --
MIA: Thunderbolt 大上 清 No --
MIA: Mad Doc 井上 学 No --
MIA: Mr. Kuzu 牧田博行 No --
MIA: Mini Dragon War Chronicle Mini Dragon 戦記 平岡博人 No --
MIA: Raisin 吉田英二 No --
MIA: Omega Zone Z 加藤康平 No --
MIA: Seraphic Wing 尾沢正樹 No --
MIA: Weep 村上 聡 No --
MIA: Justice 稲川雅幸 No --
MIA: Sky Fortress 空の要塞 西岡裕二 No --
MIA: Top secret 小原尚明 No --
MIA: Dryad 林 茂 No --
MIA: Mail from the Wind Village 風の町の郵便 上野貴広 No --
MIA: Valion Histry IV 武田隆徳 No --
MIA: Head of Warfare Darias 戦業部長 Dariasu 山崎聖卓 No --
Also available for these systems:

MSX Exclusive but similar to bakasuka wars on PC98, Shooting town for FM Towns and Shooting 68k for X68000